Monday, July 4, 2016

What Neovora Portland SEO Is All About

We found a relevant link on the web recently and thought it was exactly the kind out outline we wanted to present to The link is here and gives great list of SEO implementations to use on for your ranking and viewing benefit. They cover most of the top considerations, like this:

14. Be careful with Anchor texts
An anchor text is the text you use to link to another page, and it is what users click to get to that other page. Choosing anchor text is a very important part of linking. Never use a single word anchor text. Always use a phrase. Usually, a three-word phrase is the best option. Always use a keyword phrase as anchor text.
Also, keep in mind to never use the same anchor text twice for the same link. It is considered as keyword stuffing, and/or spamming. Whether on your site or another, always vary the anchor text.

15. Nofollow vs dofollow links
A nofollow attribute in a link tells a search crawler not to 'follow' a link. First of all, when linking to external pages, always link to a page that has a better rank than yours. But if you must link to a lower quality page, always us the rel="nofollow" attribute with the link tag. But never do this for reputable sites, like Google, Wikipedia etc, nor for linking to your own pages.

These linking suggestions are important, and some of the things we will cover. We will cover these and other on page and off page components, things like image and geotagging
keys. There are more things that we will cover for weeks to come, for free for small and medium sized businesses. 

17. Naming files and imagesBefore uploading a video, audio, or image file, always make sure you rename it. Use meaningful keywords, and separate them with dashes. This way, users and search engines can tell what the file is about just by its file path!

18. Optimize images before uploading
Suppose you want to display an image that is 500 pixels wide and 300 pixels high. There's no point in uploading a 1200x720 image. It'll take up space on your server, and rendering time at the user's end. Do everybody a favour, and scale down your images before uploading them.

19. Image Title and Alt text
Always tag images with Titles and Alt text. And always use relevant keywords. We've compiled some posts for you regarding image optimization. Make sure you check them out!

Be sure to check in frequently for free tips for entrepreneurs. Check the link!